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Health, Fitness and Diet; the Common Questions Answered

Early Morning Workouts and the Importance of Breakfast

Many people come into the gym in the mornings without having breakfast then wonder why they don’t have energy. Let’s say your last meal in the evening was at 6pm and then you go to bed and come to the gym at 8 without having breakfast; that’s 14 hours without food!

By having breakfast in the morning however small it is, you kick-start your metabolism. This means your body is preparing for physical activity/exercise, i.e. it makes energy sources that are already stored in the body readily available so they can be used. If you don’t have breakfast, your body is still in sleep mode, energy sources are not immediately available and this is why you feel sluggish. So even though you might not necessarily feel hungry in the morning, it is still the most important meal of the day!

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