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Health, Fitness and Diet; the Common Questions Answered

As Personal Trainers here at Wensum Valley, we get asked many questions about health, fitness, training, weight loss, weight gain, diet, nutrition etc. the list goes on. Each of our trainers has their own area of expertise and favourite methods of training. So, we are taking this opportunity to share our knowledge, experience and opinions on the questions we get asked in the gym. Each post will tackle a different subject. Enjoy!

Weight Loss

To get us started then, one of the most common goals is weight loss. To do it the right way you need to override those unhealthy behaviours with healthy habits. Your diet is important, but you just need to stick to one golden rule…

Per day: Calorie consumption Calorie expenditure

This means every day you need to burn more calories in exercise or just general physical activity than you put into your body when you eat. How you go about sticking to this golden rule can be the tricky part. I wouldn’t recommend crash diets; they are aptly named, if you do them for too long your body will crash. Diets that are too restrictive are likely to cause set-backs if/when you waver from the restrictions. You are better off making small changes gradually to your everyday food choices. These include choices made when food shopping, how you cook your food, and of course what you are eating and when.

Some suggestions to get you started are to cut down on processed/fast foods, reduce portion sizes specifically of carbohydrates and fats, and of course come to the gym and exercise more!


For more information come in and see us, we’re always happy to help and discuss any of the topics mentioned here in more detail.


Wensum Valley Leisure Team

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