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Health, Fitness and Diet; the Common Questions Answered


Tone! What actually is it?


Wanting to look good and tone up is a very common goal for new and experienced gym-goers alike. But do you actually know what you mean by tone up? Tone literally refers to lean muscle. So if your goal is to tone up, you need to build muscle, and to build muscle you need to do weight training. By coupling your weight training with cardio workouts, you can reduce the body fat surrounding the muscle which encourages definition, i.e. the muscle becomes more visible.


Weight training doesn’t need to be super heavy, grunting, shaking, vein popping type stuff, but yes you do need to put a bit of effort in if you want to achieve your goals. Weight training doesn’t mean you will automatically be bulky. It takes a lot of dedication, training and effort to bulk up. For women especially, different hormone levels mean that female bodies are much slower to respond to weight training when compared to men.


However, if you really are terrified of barbells there are other options available! Body weight exercises are great, and can easily be made harder or easier depending on your ability. Circuit style training, boxercise classes and Pilates are all fantastic; the possibilities are endless.


If you are looking to tone up or want any more information on this topic, come in and see us in the gym and we will be happy to help!


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